Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LeBron vs. Kobe Who is better?

There are many ways that we can look at this and decide who is the better player between the two. A lot of it just comes down to an opinion as to what someone thinks makes a good basketball player. If we look at them based on statistics then Lebron James is the better player. Over their careers he has averaged more points a game, more steals, more blocks, more rebound and even shoots a better percentage from the field. They both only have one league MVP. We could say that Kobe is more established because he has been in the league a little longer and he has three NBA championships, but dont think he wins all three without the help of Shaq. Kobe has not won a championship since the departure of Shaq.

I think that Kobe is definately the better shooter, but that is all he has on LeBron. LeBron can drive to the basket more effectively and has better ball handling skills. LeBron plays better defense and has more of a desire than Kobe, who rarely plays defense. LeBron is more of a team player and that shows as he averages more assists per game than Kobe. LeBron is a better leader and the proof is that they had the better record this year even though the Lakers may be the team with overall better players.

So who is better? In my opinion, I would say LeBron James. Kobe is a great shooter, but when it comes to all the other aspects of basketball LeBron has an advantage over Kobe.