Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Give Credit Where Its Due!!!

The 2009 college football has officially begun. As always there were many exciting moments and some moments that make us stop and say, Did that really just happen? Like when Oregon's star running back Legarrette Blount threw the infamous punch that not only got him suspended for the year but put the big defensive lineman on his knees. There were some incredible games that had to seen, for example the Miami vs. Florida St. game. That was an incredible ending with 3 lead changes in the fourth quarter and a goaline stand by Miami when Florida St. had four plays to score.

However, I would like to discuss a game that I appreciated very much and that is the BYU-Oklahoma game. I thought that both teams played very and that either team could have won the game. The only downfall was that BYU is still not getting any credit for having beat the third ranked team at the time. They are putting the excuse that Sam Bradford was hurt. Even with Bradford in the game OU had only scored 10 points to BYU's 7, not much of a difference. We could say that BYU didnt have Harvey Unga, but that doesnt matter, because whoever plays has to step up. Then after in the post game all Coach Stoops was saying was it was penalties and not saying anything about BYU. OU had 12 penalties to BYU's 10 and only had 6 more yards in penalties, again, not much of a difference. On the other hand, BYU had four turnovers to OU's 2 and one happened to be on the one yardline and BYU would have at least scored a field goal.

OU had the game handed to them and they didnt take advantage, it is their fault and only theirs that they lost this game. One sign of a sore loser is that they put excuses, that is the only thing people have done since this game. BYU deserves a ton of credit for basically playing on the road and going home winners. There is no reason why OU should have lost. BYU played hard for 60 minutes and OU did not. BYU deserves all the credit in the world, and they won fair and square.

Now, to all of those that are mad at Coleby Clawson for injuring Bradford. Injuries, if you havent noticed are part of football. Football is a contact sport and evry player on the field risks getting hurt every single game. It was a clean hit and Clawson was just playing his position and trying to help his team win. There was no reason for Clawson to apologize but he did, yet OU fans cant get over the fact that Bradford is still hurt.