Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Favre should not return?

Here we go again, it seems that this happens every year where we are either waiting a decision from Favre on whether or not he is calling it quits or whether he has called it quits but then wants to continue playing. The Jets released him a few years back making him eligible to sign with any team who he desires. Within the past week, sources are saying that Favre is thinking about a return to football for the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Why does Favre want to keep playing? Yes, he is one of the best quarterbacks and can claim that with his three league MVP's that he has won.

There are many reasons why Favre should stayed retired. He is 39 years old and currently has a torn biceps tendon and he refuses to have surgery. He only wants to play for minnesota so that he can play against the Green Bay Packers as they did not have a happy parting last year. He has some of his ability and is not as good as he once was. He has always been a great passer, but yet always throws a ton of interceptions. The Vikings have a good quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson and need not spend their time and money on Favre as it may only last one season like it did in New York.

Favre is a great quarterback and a fun player to watch. He has a very stong will to win and be the best, but there is a time in every athletes life where they must face the facts and just retire and that is what Favre needs to do. He needs to move on from his football career and if he wants to be around football so bad, i'm sure that he wouldn't have a problem being hired as a quarterbacks coach somewhere.

Manchester United vs. FC Barcelona

As the second semifinal game was played today we now know who Man U plays in the UEFA Champions League final and that would be Bacelona who was down by one goal going in to extra time and netted a goal about 3 minutes into the extra time. The goal was scored by Andreas Iniesta, and what a goal it was. Barcelona played the last 27 mintues with only 10 players as Eric Abidal was awarded a yellow card but because he already had a yellow card from the first leg, it turned into a red card sending him out of the game. That however does not only affect this game, but he will now not be able to play in the final and he was a starter on defense.

Throughout the game Chelsea had many chances to really put away Barcelona and stretch their lead to two goals, but Barcelona played some stellar defense and held their cool just enough to make their way to the final. Now we must wait until May 27th to see the final and it should be a good one. These are two great teams, but I think that Man U has the advantage because of the red card to Eric Abidal and an injury to Thierry Henry. However, Man U might be ripe for an upset as Wayne Rooney is making sure that everybody knows that Man U is the best team in the world, but we will have to wait until May 27th.

Prediction: Manchester 3 Barcelona 1

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Manchester positions itself for repeat!

One of my favorite sports to watch is that of the least popularity in the United States. Soccer! Last year's UEFA Champions League final was a great game with Manchester beating Chelsea in a shootout where each teams best players missed their shot in the shootout. Now a year has gone by and we see yet again Manchester United in the final. Now they must wait until tomorrow (05/06) to see who they play. It could be FC Barcelona or we could have a rematch of last year's final with Chelsea. Man U started out strong in the secong leg versus Arsenal with Cristiano Ronaldo putting in the dagger by bulleting a goal from about 30 yards away. As cool as it would be to see a rematch of last year, I think that Barcelona would be a more exciting final as Man U has had their way with Chelsea this year winning their two games with an aggregate of 4-1.

The champions league final should not disappoint no matter who plays. The final usually consists of the two best club soccer teams in the world. That would be no different this year as Man U is at the top of their league and Barcelona is atop in their league, with Chelsea coming in the top 3 of theirs. It should be an exciting game and I am hoping that Barcelona makes it so we can see some of the best players in the world battle it out for the championship. The game could consist of players, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry. Good luck to both of the teams that reach the final and as a sports fan I can only hope for a great game.

Pair of Hat-Tricks!!

What a game that was game 2 of the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, especially Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. These two young players were battling goal for goal and both ended up with a Hat-Trick. Both Ovechkin and Crosby have been battling with each other since they came into the league, as they don't have a strong liking for one another. This however, is what makes sports fun to watch. To see players battling one another and trying to out do the other. Game 2 was an incredible game to watch and witnessing two hat-tricks made it even better.

The NHL is thriving right now with those two players in a seven-game series as well as the other series that are taking place. In the NBA the series haven't been too close, minus the Bulls-Celtics. In the NHL the series and each game individually are more intense. For example, game 7 of the Devils and Hurricanes when the Canes scored to goals in the final two minutes to take game 7 on the road. Conrats to the NHL for outdoing the other sports at this time with great games to watch. Let's hope that games continue to get better as they appear that they will.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why A-Rod won't make the Hall of Fame if Barry Bonds Doesn't.

How unfortunate that America's pastime has become filled with steriods, allegations and controversy. This was the sport that most Americans enjoyed watching and following. The sports world for some time revolved around baseball with players like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, etc. Baseball truly has been tarnished with things like steriods and other drugs that enhance performance.

Alex Rodriguez has done some major damage to himself in the latest allegations on the use of steriods. A-Rod is the player that most people think has the best chance of breaking Barry Bond's home run record. Let's imagine that he does break the record, what will it mean? Does he deserve to have an asterisk as most people think that Bonds should? If Barry Bonds does not make the Hall of Fame then A-Rod has no chance as well. They are both known for being home run hitters and good, not great fielders.

The difference is that A-Rod has been caught for his use and was caught lying in an interview. I don't doubt that Bonds has taken steriods, but he has never been caught with a positive test and until he is then we must all just sit and wonder and assume whether or not he has used steriods. If Bonds makes the Hall of Fame with his allegations on steriods then A-Rod will make it as well, but if not then A-Rod is out of luck.

However, it is not just those two. I am sure that a big chunk of Major Leaguers use steriods and baseball will never be 100% clear with steriods. It is truly saddening that baseball has come to this. Hopefully the sport can move on and increase the amount of tests that players receive year round so that this is not an issue.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Rajon Rondo was not suspended!

The Bulls-Celtics first round series has been one of the most exciting series in NBA history. Every game just kept getting better and better and more exciting. With a total of 7 overtimes, what could a baskteball fan enjoy more than this series. Some argue that since no title was on the line then it wasn't important, that may be the case, but that doesnt take away from the excitment of this series. For those of you who watched the series and witnessed the acts of Rajon Rondo would wonder why he was not suspended for at least one game. What he did was worse than Dwight Howard and he was suspended for game 6 in their series with the 76ers. Even if in game 5 his hard foul wasn't deserving of a suspension then his intentional throwing of Bulls guard Kirk Heinrich was. With the two happening two games in a row, something should have been done if anything at least a fine.

So why was Rondo not suspended? The main and possibly only reason were the ratings. The NBA wanted game 6 or 7 to be just as exciting as the rest of the series and without Rondo playing things would have been different. Mr. David Stern was just concerned about ratings, because the first round series usually don't get the best ratings. It was a money making decision that the NBA didn't want to pass up and probably couldn't with the current economic situation.

Why Tiger will win 2 of the last 3 majors!

As you all know Tiger Woods is by far the best golfer in the world and some would say of all-time.(which he will be when it is all said and done) Tiger has the mental toughness of no one else and can scare people to win tournaments. Tiger still is not playing his best golf since his surgery and probably won't be for a couple of tournaments. However, Tiger did show some signs of promise with his opening round a Quail Hollow. As Tiger continues to get back to his old self and as we get towards the middle of the season, he will be playing better than anyone. All Tiger needs to do is to shoot a first round like at Quail and make sure he is in the final group going into Sunday. If he can manage those two things then Tiger has a better shot a winning that anyone else in the field. Other golfers are intimidated by him when they are in the same group and on a final Sunday it is even worse. Now I know that he was in the final group at Quail and struggled and didn't close out, but like I said he is not at his best yet, he is still a little rusty.

Throuhout this season you will see Tiger struggle and also have his amazing shots as he always does. So, when Tiger is in the final group on a Sunday in a major look for him to come out on top. As much as Tiger and every golfer would like to win every tournament Tiger has his eyes specifically set on winner the major championships. Tiger at his best in the final group is unstoppable and part of it is because the other golfers are scared and lose the mental part of the golf game.

Now the reasons why Tiger will win 2 of the last 3 majors.

1. His mental toughness and intimidation.

2. He will be playing his best.

3. He knows how to win close tournaments.

4. His putting ability.

5. His caddie Steve Williams.


The most excited two minutes in sports took place over the weekend and congratulations to Mine That Bird who took home the prize. This was a horse that most people thought shouldn't even have shown up to race. It was a horse that was bought for $9,500 and took a 21 hour car ride to get to Churchill Downs. This race has a lot of build up to it and it surely deserves it. However, one can't help but wonder if the outcome would have been different if I Want Revenge had raced. I think that the outcome whould have stayed the same. By the length of the victory I don't think that much would have changed. Mine That Bird managed to stay in the middle to end of the pack not running as fast a pace until the final turn. Calvin Borel rode perfectly and seemed as though had things all planned out and stuck to the plan and things worked out well for him. On just a quick note; how about those few lucky people in Las Vegas who bet on this horse to win with a 50-1 odd. For a $2 bet you would walk away with $103. So congrats to someone who bet quite a bit of money on this horse.

Let's just hope that Mine That Bird will run in the Preakness. It would truly be a shame if he did not race in the Preakness and wash away all hopes at the Triple Crown, afterall that is why people watch horse racing. If he doesn't win the Preakness then don't run him at Belmont. There should always be the chance for the Triple Crown and this horse deserves to run.