Monday, May 4, 2009

Why A-Rod won't make the Hall of Fame if Barry Bonds Doesn't.

How unfortunate that America's pastime has become filled with steriods, allegations and controversy. This was the sport that most Americans enjoyed watching and following. The sports world for some time revolved around baseball with players like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, etc. Baseball truly has been tarnished with things like steriods and other drugs that enhance performance.

Alex Rodriguez has done some major damage to himself in the latest allegations on the use of steriods. A-Rod is the player that most people think has the best chance of breaking Barry Bond's home run record. Let's imagine that he does break the record, what will it mean? Does he deserve to have an asterisk as most people think that Bonds should? If Barry Bonds does not make the Hall of Fame then A-Rod has no chance as well. They are both known for being home run hitters and good, not great fielders.

The difference is that A-Rod has been caught for his use and was caught lying in an interview. I don't doubt that Bonds has taken steriods, but he has never been caught with a positive test and until he is then we must all just sit and wonder and assume whether or not he has used steriods. If Bonds makes the Hall of Fame with his allegations on steriods then A-Rod will make it as well, but if not then A-Rod is out of luck.

However, it is not just those two. I am sure that a big chunk of Major Leaguers use steriods and baseball will never be 100% clear with steriods. It is truly saddening that baseball has come to this. Hopefully the sport can move on and increase the amount of tests that players receive year round so that this is not an issue.

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Britt said...

This is truly a thought-provoking issue. It will be interesting to see if baseball can recover from this debacle... I'm thinking that since it overcame the salary dispute a few years back, it can ride this one out, too.