Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Rajon Rondo was not suspended!

The Bulls-Celtics first round series has been one of the most exciting series in NBA history. Every game just kept getting better and better and more exciting. With a total of 7 overtimes, what could a baskteball fan enjoy more than this series. Some argue that since no title was on the line then it wasn't important, that may be the case, but that doesnt take away from the excitment of this series. For those of you who watched the series and witnessed the acts of Rajon Rondo would wonder why he was not suspended for at least one game. What he did was worse than Dwight Howard and he was suspended for game 6 in their series with the 76ers. Even if in game 5 his hard foul wasn't deserving of a suspension then his intentional throwing of Bulls guard Kirk Heinrich was. With the two happening two games in a row, something should have been done if anything at least a fine.

So why was Rondo not suspended? The main and possibly only reason were the ratings. The NBA wanted game 6 or 7 to be just as exciting as the rest of the series and without Rondo playing things would have been different. Mr. David Stern was just concerned about ratings, because the first round series usually don't get the best ratings. It was a money making decision that the NBA didn't want to pass up and probably couldn't with the current economic situation.

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Britt said...

You know Stern is salivating over the possibility of a Kobe-Lebron final.