Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Favre should not return?

Here we go again, it seems that this happens every year where we are either waiting a decision from Favre on whether or not he is calling it quits or whether he has called it quits but then wants to continue playing. The Jets released him a few years back making him eligible to sign with any team who he desires. Within the past week, sources are saying that Favre is thinking about a return to football for the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Why does Favre want to keep playing? Yes, he is one of the best quarterbacks and can claim that with his three league MVP's that he has won.

There are many reasons why Favre should stayed retired. He is 39 years old and currently has a torn biceps tendon and he refuses to have surgery. He only wants to play for minnesota so that he can play against the Green Bay Packers as they did not have a happy parting last year. He has some of his ability and is not as good as he once was. He has always been a great passer, but yet always throws a ton of interceptions. The Vikings have a good quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson and need not spend their time and money on Favre as it may only last one season like it did in New York.

Favre is a great quarterback and a fun player to watch. He has a very stong will to win and be the best, but there is a time in every athletes life where they must face the facts and just retire and that is what Favre needs to do. He needs to move on from his football career and if he wants to be around football so bad, i'm sure that he wouldn't have a problem being hired as a quarterbacks coach somewhere.

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