Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Tiger will win 2 of the last 3 majors!

As you all know Tiger Woods is by far the best golfer in the world and some would say of all-time.(which he will be when it is all said and done) Tiger has the mental toughness of no one else and can scare people to win tournaments. Tiger still is not playing his best golf since his surgery and probably won't be for a couple of tournaments. However, Tiger did show some signs of promise with his opening round a Quail Hollow. As Tiger continues to get back to his old self and as we get towards the middle of the season, he will be playing better than anyone. All Tiger needs to do is to shoot a first round like at Quail and make sure he is in the final group going into Sunday. If he can manage those two things then Tiger has a better shot a winning that anyone else in the field. Other golfers are intimidated by him when they are in the same group and on a final Sunday it is even worse. Now I know that he was in the final group at Quail and struggled and didn't close out, but like I said he is not at his best yet, he is still a little rusty.

Throuhout this season you will see Tiger struggle and also have his amazing shots as he always does. So, when Tiger is in the final group on a Sunday in a major look for him to come out on top. As much as Tiger and every golfer would like to win every tournament Tiger has his eyes specifically set on winner the major championships. Tiger at his best in the final group is unstoppable and part of it is because the other golfers are scared and lose the mental part of the golf game.

Now the reasons why Tiger will win 2 of the last 3 majors.

1. His mental toughness and intimidation.

2. He will be playing his best.

3. He knows how to win close tournaments.

4. His putting ability.

5. His caddie Steve Williams.


meg said...

I believe in Tiger!!!

Chandler said...

The only reason Tiger will win is because his caddie is from New Zealand! Jokes