Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manchester United vs. FC Barcelona

As the second semifinal game was played today we now know who Man U plays in the UEFA Champions League final and that would be Bacelona who was down by one goal going in to extra time and netted a goal about 3 minutes into the extra time. The goal was scored by Andreas Iniesta, and what a goal it was. Barcelona played the last 27 mintues with only 10 players as Eric Abidal was awarded a yellow card but because he already had a yellow card from the first leg, it turned into a red card sending him out of the game. That however does not only affect this game, but he will now not be able to play in the final and he was a starter on defense.

Throughout the game Chelsea had many chances to really put away Barcelona and stretch their lead to two goals, but Barcelona played some stellar defense and held their cool just enough to make their way to the final. Now we must wait until May 27th to see the final and it should be a good one. These are two great teams, but I think that Man U has the advantage because of the red card to Eric Abidal and an injury to Thierry Henry. However, Man U might be ripe for an upset as Wayne Rooney is making sure that everybody knows that Man U is the best team in the world, but we will have to wait until May 27th.

Prediction: Manchester 3 Barcelona 1

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