Saturday, May 23, 2009

T R I V I A Did You Know??

As we are deep into the NBA playoffs, I have decided to do the trivia and question on the playoffs!


Michael Jordan scored 63 points in a 2 OT game against Boston in 1986. An NBA record.

Michael Jordan had 60 consecutive games of 20 or more points. Three better than Kareem who was in second.

Elgin Baylor with 11, holds the record more most consecutive 30 point games.

Karl Malone holds the record for most made free-throws in a game without a miss at 18.

Wilt Chamberlain grabbed 41 rebounds against Boston in 1967 to set the NBA record for most in one game.

John Stockton and Magic Johnson are tied at 24 for most assists in one game.

Allen Iverson holds the record for most steals in a single game at 10.

Did you know that Robert Horry holds the record for most playoff games played at 244 and the Michael Jordan scored 10 or more points in every playoff game of his career which has the total of 179.

Who are the oldest and youngest players in NBA history(not just playoffs) to record a triple-double?

Friday, May 22, 2009

MLB Interleague

MLB interleague play has begun. I have always enjoyed interleague play because there are usually more exciting games and we get to see different teams play ecah other instead of being stuck watching the same teams play over and over. There are a few interesting matchups. The Mets versus the Red Sox as well as the Phillies against the Yanks.

There are a few things that can be learned from interleague play. We get to see the teams who are really contenders and know how teams will fare if they make the playoffs. Baseball plays a lot of games, but most of them are against the same old teams. Within a division the teams play one another on average of 18 times. So in the AL East the five teams will on average play their division in 90 games, that is more than half of their games. For me as a baseball fan, I get tired of seeing the same teams play over and over. Interleague is a nice break to see some good action with teams that don't know each other very well.

The baseball season has had some surprises this year. The Jays are looking good and after 45 games are in first in the AL East. The Dodgers have done rather well since the departure of Ramirez and started the season out by setting a new record for consecutive home wins to start a season with 13 and still currently hold the MLB best home record at 17-3.

There have been a few disappointments especially with the Indians they are currently in last in their division. The Rays have not started like they finished last season and are going to have an extremely hard uphill battle just to make the playoffs. The Braves were said to be better than they are showing as well as the Cubbies. However, it is still early and there is a lot of baseball to be played. May the best team win! Go Giants!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

All Knotted Up

The Lakers-Nuggets series is shaping up to be a great one and it is even better with players like Kobe and Carmelo going at it one on one. We all knew that this was going to be a great series and that it has been after two games. Thursday night, the Nuggets shifted roles and came back from a double-digit deficit to win the game. After making their way back into the game and eventually taking a big lead they let the Lakers back in, but they held their cool and were able to sneak out of the Staples Center with a win.

The Lakers are a team that plays when they want to and when they do, they are almost unbeatable. The problem is that they don't play that way every night. That is how they played against Houston. When they wanted to, they destroyed them and other nights got destroyed. If they do that in this series then they will find themselves going home after 5 maybe 6 games. The Nuggets are playing really great ball right now and are firing on all cylinders. The Lakers can't afford to take a night off against this team and if they do, they will surely pay.
It is going to be exciting to see how the Lakers react after their loss and being in Denver, where the Nuggets have played great basketball this postseason. I think that the Lakers will gain back home court advantage but look for it in game 4. I think that the Lakers will win the series in 7 games, but it will be a dogfight and a battle.

Denver can't get full of themselves for winning a game in L.A. and that could be a problem because they are a young team, but with a veteran leader like Billups, I don't see that happening. The Lakers are good at humbling people after losing a game. We saw that in both of their first two series against the Jazz and the Rockets. May the best team win and as a fan I can only hope for a great series and for it to come down to the wire in a game 7.

Anything Carolina can do, Pittsburgh can do better!

Game 2 in the Pitt-Carolina series started out with a bang. There were 5 goals scored in the first period. The Pens started out with the first goal and not long after the Canes tied it back up and thats how the first period went the the score being 3-2 for the Canes at the break. Early on in the second the Pens tied it up and then took the lead just to have it evened again not much time after that. When the game was tied up at 4-4 Malkin took over scoring two goals within a 4 minute span.

The game ended at 7-4 for the Pens who now have a 2-0 lead as the series makes its way to Carolina's ice. Hockey is thriving right now with the playoffs. The conference finals on both sides have had some great games and exciting action on the ice and most important there have been goals. Goals are what people want to see, too many people think that hockey is boring and that they never see the goals. This postseason has been phenomenal in every series. There have been numerous game 7's and great hockey to watch.

I know that the Stanley Cup Finals is going to be exciting as can be and there is a chance of having a rematch of last year with the Pens and the Red Wings. Congrats to hockey for living up to what so many people enjoy watching and playing. GO Pens and Wings!

Its Part Of The Game! The Hard Part!! RECRUITING

The college basketball season ended about 2 months ago with North Carolina winning the National Championship. The 09-10 season doesn't start until November, but there is always room to talk about college hoops. When Calipari left Memphis for Kentucky we all wondered what would happen with his recruits. Most of them followed him to Kentucky and not long ago he added the best point guard recruit in the nation in John Wall out of North Carolina. Calipari's impact has been immediate and with most of the players returning from last year, Kentucky looks to be dynamite this coming season.

As always North Carolina netted another top 2 recruiting class and will be just as good as anyone next year and has a legit chance of repeating as National Champs. Villanova was looking to be better than last year, but with the departure of Scottie Reynolds they are going to need their top 3 recruiting class to step in and play some big minutes. As usual, Kansas, Duke, Texas and so on all look to be contenders for the '10 championship.

I am already excited for this upcoming season. There are a lot of good players that came back to school and a lot of solid recruits that are going to play bigtime. There are not too many things that are more exciting than college basketball and this season will not dissappoint.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Test: Failed

There has been much speculation as to how Cleveland was going to respond after another long layover and actually playing some good competition. We all found out that it wasn't going to be good. The Cavs started game one versus the Magic strong and it looked as though they were going to reach the finals with ease, but the Magic fought their way back and snuck out a one point win after a Rashard Lewis 3-pointer with 14 seconds left.

The Cavs have not played anyone that has challenged them until tonight when they found themselves in a second half dogfight, that they eventually lost. The Cavs I think are the team to beat and their loss tonight doesn't change my mind. They were just fatigued and that showed late in the fourth quarter, but as the series goes on they will get back in the groove and we will once again see why they are the number team in the league, with the best player.

There is no need to panic just yet if you are a Cavs fan. They will bounce back, but it will be interesting to see how they respond to adversity which they have not seen in a couple of months as they have scorched the NBA with a record of 29-3 until last night. I am excited for the series to play out and se what happens. I predict that the Cavs win 4-2.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Should Michael Vick be reinstated?

That is a great question and we will all wait to see the answer from the NFL. There are a few reasons why I think that he should be and a few why he shouldn't be. Athletes these days have the mentality that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. In the case of Vick, he didn't get away with it and had to pay like anyone else would of had to. Reinstated Vick would demonstrate that athletes can do things and end up playing again. On the other hand it also shows that if they get their life in order then they should be willing to play again.
Who knows if Vick has truly changed his ways, he has always had trouble with the law. It is only a matter of time. Vick is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NFL and if the league wants to have good ratings and I am sure that they do with the current economy, then they will reinstate Vick. Vick is a great player and was well on schedule for the Hall of Fame when all the legal issues began.

In my opinion I think that he should be reinstated. There are many other players that have more of a history than Vick that get reinstated, for example, the ex-cowboy Adam "Pacman" Jones. I say give Vick another chance, but put serious constraints on the reinstatement and that if he has any other legal issues then he won't get a second chance. I, like most people want to see him play again and it would make for a better NFL season.

The Big Winner!! L.A. Clippers!!

The Los Angeles Clippers walked away Tuesday with the number one pick in the upcoming draft and their eyes set on Blake Griffin out of Oklahoma. Griffin who would have been a top 5 pick last season is the clear favorite to be the number one pick. This years draft is said to be one of the weakest in recent years and that can be credited to the amount of athletes that are spending more years at the college level.
Blake Griffin was by far the best player in college basketball last season and is going to step in immediately to help the Clippers who struggled mightily this past season. He will most likely be playing with Baron Davis and next to Marcus Camby and Zach Randolph. He is going to be a great player for a franchise that is praying for help to recover and become a contender in the NBA.

The rest of the top 10 is going to be interesting with players like Thabeet, Rubio out of Spain, Harden, Curry, and the trio from the Tar Heels. There are a lot of young players in the draft that most people thought should have stayed at least one more year in college. It will be fun to see how the draft plays out and to predict how those teams will fare next season.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lakers vs Nuggets, Who Wins??

This is going to be an interestin series. The Lakers are the team that most predicted to win it all, but with all their struggles against Houston things aren't looking as good as they once seemed. The Nuggets are probably the hottest team right now and playing better than everyone, except for maybe LeBron and the Cavs.

The Nuggets have the advantage at the point guard position with Chancey Billups who has been to 7 straight conference finals and he knows what it takes to beat the Lakers as he did that a few years ago to win the title. The Nuggets don't have anyone that can play defense on Kobe like the Rockets did, but Dahntay Jones is probably the best bet to slow him down. The Lakers definatly have the advantage down low with Gasol, Odom and Bynum. Another advantage that the Lakers have is experience. The Nuggets are a young team and have never been as successful as they have been this year.

This is going to be an interesting series and as I imagine will go back and forth and most likely end up with a battle in L.A. for game 7. When all is said, the two teams are pretty evenly matched. However, the Lakers did take the season series 3-1. This should be a great series and I am picking the Lakers in seven games.