Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anything Carolina can do, Pittsburgh can do better!

Game 2 in the Pitt-Carolina series started out with a bang. There were 5 goals scored in the first period. The Pens started out with the first goal and not long after the Canes tied it back up and thats how the first period went the the score being 3-2 for the Canes at the break. Early on in the second the Pens tied it up and then took the lead just to have it evened again not much time after that. When the game was tied up at 4-4 Malkin took over scoring two goals within a 4 minute span.

The game ended at 7-4 for the Pens who now have a 2-0 lead as the series makes its way to Carolina's ice. Hockey is thriving right now with the playoffs. The conference finals on both sides have had some great games and exciting action on the ice and most important there have been goals. Goals are what people want to see, too many people think that hockey is boring and that they never see the goals. This postseason has been phenomenal in every series. There have been numerous game 7's and great hockey to watch.

I know that the Stanley Cup Finals is going to be exciting as can be and there is a chance of having a rematch of last year with the Pens and the Red Wings. Congrats to hockey for living up to what so many people enjoy watching and playing. GO Pens and Wings!

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