Saturday, May 23, 2009

T R I V I A Did You Know??

As we are deep into the NBA playoffs, I have decided to do the trivia and question on the playoffs!


Michael Jordan scored 63 points in a 2 OT game against Boston in 1986. An NBA record.

Michael Jordan had 60 consecutive games of 20 or more points. Three better than Kareem who was in second.

Elgin Baylor with 11, holds the record more most consecutive 30 point games.

Karl Malone holds the record for most made free-throws in a game without a miss at 18.

Wilt Chamberlain grabbed 41 rebounds against Boston in 1967 to set the NBA record for most in one game.

John Stockton and Magic Johnson are tied at 24 for most assists in one game.

Allen Iverson holds the record for most steals in a single game at 10.

Did you know that Robert Horry holds the record for most playoff games played at 244 and the Michael Jordan scored 10 or more points in every playoff game of his career which has the total of 179.

Who are the oldest and youngest players in NBA history(not just playoffs) to record a triple-double?


meg said...

Karl Malone is the oldest at 40 to so with 10 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists versus the San Antonio Spurs.

The youngest is LeBron James at 20 years and 20 days -

If I'm correct, that's a 20 year span between the two! CRAZY!

Britt said...

EW...know-it-all MEGAN.

Do you realize that Malone was thought of as a dirty player outside of Utah? I didn't until Bryan let me know that...but it makes sense now.

Good trivia question, Thayne.