Thursday, May 21, 2009

All Knotted Up

The Lakers-Nuggets series is shaping up to be a great one and it is even better with players like Kobe and Carmelo going at it one on one. We all knew that this was going to be a great series and that it has been after two games. Thursday night, the Nuggets shifted roles and came back from a double-digit deficit to win the game. After making their way back into the game and eventually taking a big lead they let the Lakers back in, but they held their cool and were able to sneak out of the Staples Center with a win.

The Lakers are a team that plays when they want to and when they do, they are almost unbeatable. The problem is that they don't play that way every night. That is how they played against Houston. When they wanted to, they destroyed them and other nights got destroyed. If they do that in this series then they will find themselves going home after 5 maybe 6 games. The Nuggets are playing really great ball right now and are firing on all cylinders. The Lakers can't afford to take a night off against this team and if they do, they will surely pay.
It is going to be exciting to see how the Lakers react after their loss and being in Denver, where the Nuggets have played great basketball this postseason. I think that the Lakers will gain back home court advantage but look for it in game 4. I think that the Lakers will win the series in 7 games, but it will be a dogfight and a battle.

Denver can't get full of themselves for winning a game in L.A. and that could be a problem because they are a young team, but with a veteran leader like Billups, I don't see that happening. The Lakers are good at humbling people after losing a game. We saw that in both of their first two series against the Jazz and the Rockets. May the best team win and as a fan I can only hope for a great series and for it to come down to the wire in a game 7.


Chandler said...

I believe that the Lakers have more talent, but Denver is a better team. With Billups leading the way, farmar and fisher are having a tough time. I'll stand by what I said. Denver will advance to the finals.

Thayne said...

We will wait and see, but I am still taking the Lakers in 7 games.