Thursday, December 3, 2009

Around the Horn!!!

I decided to take a different route with this post. Everyday I watch the TV show around the horn at 3:00 before I go to work. For those who have never heard of the show it is a panel of 4 sports writers that debate the most current sports topics and they get points and as the show goes on they get voted off until there is a winner. Two of the writers that are on the most often are Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige. Mariotti is a writing for the Chicago Sun Times and Paige for the Denver Post.

However these two have a huge rivalry. You can always sense ill feelings between the two especially when they are the last two standing facing off in the showdown. This is a great rivalry and it is very interesting to watch and funny at times. They always just try to out do each other and I think they dont mind losing as long as the other doesn't win. I think Mariotti takes things a little more serious and gets mad when he loses.

It is amazing to me how a TV show of sports writers can be so competitive when they don't play for anything. The winner is granted 30 seconds at the end to talk about whatever he wants without interruption. If you like sports and have not checked out this show, then you should definately do so and chances are you will get hooked.

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Chandler said...

I agree. This is probably my favorite sports show on ESPN. Its great to get thoughts from a bunch of different people.