Thursday, December 3, 2009


One of my favorite athletes is Tiger Woods, so I figured I would express what I think about the things that have gone on over the past several days. As we all know, Tiger was alleged of having an affair and he came out and apologized for the things that have taken place in the past, with him saying, "I have not been true to my values." Tiger as we know is by far the best golfer in the world and could be debated as the best golfer ever to play. So how does what has happened affect Tiger and his future, if it will? There was a poll on ESPN as to whether or not people would cheer more, less, or the same for him in the coming year and 63% said the SAME.

I think the poll says many things and the main thing is that we are looking past his mistakes to what he really is. How can we hold him to such a high standard that we ourselves cannot live up to? Tiger is indeed human and makes mistakes just like all of us. We cannot expect Tiger to do everything perfect because he is not. So if we think he is a bad person because of this then we must reevaluate our own lives and the way that we are living. Do I agree with what he did, of course not, but that doesn't mean I cant still cheer for him. Tiger had set the bar so high that even he was bound to fall.

Tiger Woods is an incredible athlete/golfer and for that he will always have my respect. If I were to now dislike him for what has happened then I am no better than he is. I hope this series of events comes quickly to a close, because after all it is none of our business what he does on his own time. We should not force anything out of him, it is his problem to deal with, so let him do it.

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Maria S. Turley said...

I agree, his personal life is none of my business. I just wish the media would leave it alone. He is a great golfer and no one can disclaim that!