Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are the Cavs' in Trouble?

Who would have thought that the cavs would be down 3-1 against the Magic in the Conference Finals. At most we thought 2-2, since the Cavs' were so good at home during the regular season only losing twice. The Magic have just outplayed them and out hustled them. The Cavs' have not been rebounding nor playing defense and late in the game they stand around on offense and watch LeBron do his thing.

There are a few reasons why I think the Cavs' still have a legitimate chance at winning this series. The odds are definately against them as only 8 teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series., but who better than LeBron and the Cavs' to be the 9th team. It is going to be an uphill battle but it is not impossible. When you have MVP on your team and arguably the best player in the league, there is always a chance.

As for the Magic, they live and die by the three and that showed yesterday as they made 11 more three-pointers than the Cavs'. The Magic went 17-38 from three-point range shooting 44%. However, the Magic are not going shoot that well every night and that is when they lose. They are not smart enough to constantly feed Dwight Howard the ball and continue to shoot the three whether or not they are feeling it. If the Cavs' can capitalize when the Magic are not shooting well, then they could have a blowout win.
Another reason, of course is LeBron James. He has not played his best in this series so far, yeah he is scoring a lot but has had many costly turnovers late in the game. Also his teammates have not been helping him like they were during the season and their first two playoff series.

I would not count out the Cavs' just yet, all they need is one decent victory that is not on a last second shot to get their confidence back and when that happens, look out Magic. The Magic are a young team and the Cavs' have been to the Finals before, so they know what it takes to pull it out. May the best team win!!

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Adam said...


Nice blog man. Very insightful stuff, I'm hoping for a Cavs vs Lakers finals but it's not looking too likely right now.