Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's Have a Rematch!!

It is not very often that there is a rematch in a championship game and the last time it happened in the NHL was in 1983 and 1984 where the teams split the Stanley Cup with the Islanders winning it one year and the Oilers the other. Last year, Detroit handled the Pens winning 4-2 and during the offseason received one of the Pens' forwards.

This year is going to be a great series. Both teams are playing great hockey and working as a team. The Wings are a little banged up with some injuries and have been complaining that they didn't get enough rest before the start of the finals. The Wings do have home ice advantge and that will play a big role as they are dynamite in Joe Louis Arena.

I think that as of right now the Pens are playing better hockey. They outplayed the Canes in every game of their last series. Crosby and Malkin have this team on the right path to come away as Stanley Cup Champions this year. It is going to be a great series. The Wings are one of the best teams that hockey has seen and they have a few players that are going for their fifth Stanley Cup. The Wings by far are the veterans, but the Pens do have the experience of last year and are playing better.

It is going to be fun to see how this series rolls out and don't be surprised if it goes to 7 games. My prediction is 4-3 for the Pens. These are my two favorite teams in the NHL, but I hope that Pittsburgh wins because Detroit wins it too often. I just hope for a good series.

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