Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome Welcome!!

With me being a Giants fan, I could not resist to mention the milestone that Randy Johnson hit tonight. He is the newest and probably tallest member of the 300 win club. Congratulations to him on that. It is a milestone that is very difficult to reach and one that doesnt happen too often. Randy Johnson has been a consistent pitcher throughout his lenghty career that has taken him to a few teams and to a World Series win with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Who knows when this milestone will be hit again. It is extremely difficult in todays era to get even 15 wins in a season and at that rate it would take 20 years to comlete 300 wins. I am glad that he was able to accomplish that feat and to do it in a Giants uniform is even better. I believe next closest pitcher is Roy Halladay and he is sitting at 140 wins, but he also carries the age of 32.

Baseball has some of sports most difficult records to beat or milestones to reach. The 300 win club, 3,000 hit club, and 500 Homerun club. Those three milestones are goals that every baseball player has and it may be a while before we see anyone enter into one of the three. Once again CONGRATS to Randy Johnson on his 300th win.


meg said...

300 wins didn't seem like a huge accomplishment to me, when you think about how many games they play every single season, but when i read the average games won in a season I was shocked!!

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Thayne Turley said...

They do play a lot of games, but each pitcher plays every 5 or 6 games and of course there are always injuries.

Adam said...

Congrats to Randy. After doing a quick search I found that he is only the 24th pitcher to reach the 300 win mark. Aside frome being an awesome pitcher he is also a good looking fella my hat is tipped to you Mr. Johnson.